Living Life with Purpose, Passion, and Power

Our Life Purpose

When our life is purpose driven, when we understand why we were created, when we see how we fit in God's plan for His creation, our life becomes truly meaningful. When we begin to use the special gifts God has given us to fulfill our purpose we increasingly sense our own value - even as others acknowledge the contribution we make to their "world".

As our clarity of purpose, the efficaciousness of our gift, and the depth of our and values increase, passion is born.

The Good Life...

When we know what to do and why, and when we do it well, we come to love our life's "work" and pursue it with passion. Work becomes play, we are fully content with who we are, and our place in god's universe. "Life is good!"

Passion releases energy. When we combine clarity of purpose and focused intention with passionate energy, the result is power. Not power in a domineering and abusive sense, but power as efficaciousness - the ability to positively effect whatever you apply yourself to.

  Remember this equation:
    Purpose + Passion = Power


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