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The Abolition of Man

coverHow Education Develops Man's Sense Of Morality
By C. S. Lewis
ISBN 0060652942

Description: In The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis sets out to persuade his audience of the importance and relevance of universal values such as courage and honor in contemporary society. Both astonishing and prophetic, this book is one of the most debated of Lewis's extraordinary works.

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C.S. Lewis for the Third Millennium

coverBy Peter Kreeft
ISBN 0-89870-523-1

Description: There are few writers or thinkers in the twentieth century who have more lucidly grasped the meaning of modern times - the failed promise of the enlightenment - than the great C. S. Lewis. Here Peter Kreeft, one of the foremost students of Lewis' thought, distills Lewis' reflections on the collapse of western civilization and the way to renew it.

Kreeft shows that Lewis, and particularly Lewis' book The Abolition of Man, offers deeply prophetic words for our time. Using this major work of Lewis as the focus of this book, Kreeft summarizes Lewis' philosophy of history and evaluates our era from that standpoint; gives a defense of the Natural Law (or objective values) as the absolute sine qua non for the survival of civilization; summarizes Lewis' refutation of twenty alternatives to it; then fleshes out Lewis' hopeful conclusion in The Abolition of Man, a conclusion that gives a new and humane world view for mankind.

Kreeeft's reflections on Lewis' thought provide profound insights into the single most momentous question of our desperate times. This book, like Lewis' Abolition of Man, should appeal to all men of good will and sound mind who are looking for light and hope in our age of darkness.

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The Great Divorce

coverBy C. S. Lewis
ISBN 0060652950

Description:In The Great Divorce C.S. Lewis again employs his formidable talent for fable and allegory. The writer, in a dream, boards a bus on a drizzly afternoon and embarks on an incredible voyage through Heaven and Hell. He meets a host of supernatural beings far removed from his expectations and comes to significant realizations realizations about the ultimate consequences of everyday behavior. This is the starting point for a profound meditation upon good and evil. "If we insist on keeping Hell (or even earth) we shall not see Heaven: if we accept Heaven we shall not be able to retain even the smallest and most intimate souvenirs of Hell."

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Problem of Evil, The

coverBy Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey
ISBN 0-8423-5584-7

Description:Everyone has a worldview. What's yours? What has gone wrong with the world? This profound question lies at the heart of all worldviews. Is human nature essentially good or fundamentally bad? Is there such a thing as sin? How do you explain the presence of evil in our world? Various philosophies - from utopianism to postmodernism - have answered these questions in different ways, and all have failed.

How do you respond to the comments and questions of your friends and neighbors who hold a different worldview?

This special study edition drawn from the best-selling book How Now Shall We Live? addresses these questions in a profound yet practical way. Used as a six-week guide for individual study or small-group study, this book will inform you, prompt life-changing discussion, and challenge you to develop a consistent and influential Christian worldview.

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The Problem of Pain

coverHow Human Suffering Raises Almost Intolerable Intellectual Problems
By C. S. Lewis
ISBN 0-0606-5296-9

Description:Why must we suffer?"If God is good and all-powerful, why does he allow his creatures to suffer pain?" And what of the suffering of animals, who neither deserve pain nor can be improved by it? The greatest Christian thinker of our time sets out to disentangle this knotty issue. With his signature wealth of compassion and insight, C.S. Lewis offers answers to these crucial questions and shares his hope and wisdom to help heal a world hungering for a true understanding of human nature.

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