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Why God on the Net?
What's Missing in your life?

We are a diverse group of women and men whose collective experience represents hundreds of years in every major subset of Christianity (Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, and Charismatic, as well as a decent familiarity and respect for various other schools of wisdom). We affirm the revelation of God that has been universally believed by orthodox Christians, as expressed in the Holy Scriptures and creeds of the early Christian Church from 200 to 600 AD.

What all our contributors share in common are actual "hands on" experience and measurable results, in applying these principles in their own lives. All they ask of you, is that you agree to share your successes with others as you learn to apply life's secrets! Sharing with others and helping others is a major factor in nurturing our well being, because it is something that God created us to do! When we share with others to help them through life, we are beginning the road to truly enjoying some of life's greatest riches.

Why did we choose "God on the Net" as a name?

First, we believe God is omni-present, meaning His presence is everywhere including the Internet.

Second, we believe God is especially present when His children are in dialogue.

Third, this site is specifically dedicated to focusing on God's wisdom for leading a successful life as revealed in [Wisdom of the Ages].

Fourth, We chose the name to signify that one of God's greatest gifts to the world (symbolizing His love for us) "uncommon wisdom" for living life successfully has been largely lost in a plethora of pietistic platitude, theological nostrums and novelties, and Gnostic-Dualistic concepts of spirituality.

Contrary to the apparent drift of much of contemporary religious thought, we believe God has put us here for a reason (Ultimate Purpose) and, providentially provided the wisdom that enables us to find peace, contentment and fulfillment in living out this destiny. In other words, with all the current multifaceted emphasis on spiritual issues, we have dedicated this site to focus on one of the riches and most underutilized of God's provisions for us--wisdom for daily life.

Clearly, we do not mean to imply that God resides at this site, or that we speak infallibly, exclusively or exhaustively for God. To do so would be to mark us as cultists, or at best, "nut balls"--things we abhor.



Senior Writers:

C. V. Doner, PhD
Dr. Monte Wilson



Lynda Terry
Greg Anderson
Jim Rohn
Dan Tocchini
Leonard Sweet, PhD
Kathleen Roberts
Anne Daniels, RN


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