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Christianity in a Post Modern World

Soul Tsunami

coverby Leonard Sweet
ISBN 0-310-22762-3

Description:From the book - "sweeping in from the cultural sea, a mountainous wave of change threatens to wash the church away. It's a post-modern flood of mind-boggling techno-culture, problems your grandparents couldn't have imagined, and religious pluralism that embraces everything except spiritual absolutes." Leonard Sweet calls it a soul tsunami and there's no outrunning it. Christians can choose only one of three ways to respond. We can deny its existence and drown, we can fight it - and lose. Or we can recognize the unprecedented opportunities it presents, uncharted course across the waters towards reformation. If you are ready to exchange your current way of thinking for a church with a power to shape tomorrow, read this book - unlike any you have ever read before. Soul Tsunami will shift your paradigm.

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Sweet is a cutting edge Christian thinker and professor of post-modernity. This is an extremely provocative book, which poses a number of questions and delivers a number of surprising answers. Does post-modernism have anything to say to Christianity? Does Christianity have anything to say to the post-modern generation? Will the church survive the post-modern period? Does post-modernity open up new opportunity for those truly seeking to follow Jesus? And finally, what does God really expect of us? Some think "Soul" is the best book in the last decade on how Christ would address our current culture. Thought provoking and fun to read.

C.V. Doner



cover17 Surprising Steps For Godly Living In The 21st Century
by Leonard Sweet

ISBN: 0-3102-4280-0

Description:Faith in God is dangerous thinking. Even more, faith in God is dangerous living. This book is a lifeware design package for work, play, love - and everything else.

You probably already have a college degree. This book enrolls you in a lifestyle seminary where you can get a life degree in artful, soulful living. SoulSalsa hopes to make you an artist in being.

In our lifetime, one way of living in the world has ended (modern) and a new way has begun (postmodern).

SoulSalsa is dedicated to helping people redesign a biblical spirituality for this new world, a theology with legs. The question that every page seeks to answer is this: How can one live a biblical faith that emerges from everyday living? To build a relationship with God requires the same kind of activity that building a relationship with your kids, your spouse, your friends involve: daily rituals, presence, a commitment to certain behaviors, and so on.

The highest art form is the art of living. How do disciples of Jesus make living into an art form?

Moderns liked to draw up lists of principles for which they were willing to die. Postmoderns draw up lists of practices we are willing to live by. Here's my list seventeen lifestyle requirements for membership in the postmodern body of Christ - or, in my preferred way of phrasing it, how not to become a pew-sitting toad.

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A Cup of Coffee at the Soul Cafe

coverby Leonard Sweet
ISBN: 0-8054-0159-8

Description:Here's to your Soul!
On a spiritual journey yourself? Time for a coffee break. Sit down. Look around. Check your directions. And warm up with A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe.

The world is becoming increasingly complicated: technology, terrorism, and disease are just some of the dangers threatening the physical and spiritual health of our modern society. For years Leonard Sweet has been tackling what ails us in our society - our dwindling spirituality - in his newsletter. Sweet's SoulCafe.

Now he leads you on a journey into your own soul - toward your personal destination of spiritual wholeness.

Brimming with his own special blend of philosophical inquire and literary imagination A Cup of Coffee at the SoulCafe will revive your spiritual life by showing you how to stop planning for your own future and begin preparing for God's. Sweet's gentle nourishing wisdom and practical instruction that can be savored and practiced for a lifetime. So pull up a chair. You'll be glad you did.

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Post-Modern Pilgrims: First Century...

coverby Leonard Sweet
ISBN: 0-80542-137-8

Description:Casting ahead the anchor of ancient tradition to guide the future church into the 21st century. Postmodern pilgrims must strive to keep the past and the future in perpetual conversation so every generation will find a fresh expression of the Gospel that is anchored solidly to "the faith that was once for all delivered."

Postmodern Pilgrimsaddresses and answers the tensions that exists between tradition and innovation by offering a biblical view of both, working together for the maturing of the church. There is perhaps no church leader who understand better how to navigate the seas of the 21st century than Leonard Sweet.

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Excellent cutting edge thinking on how to effectively communicate in a post modern world. Very provocative chapter on the use of metaphor and symbols as the ONLY way to teach, persuade, attract, etc.

C. V. Doner