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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love

coverSimple Ways to Nurture and Strengthen Your Relationships While Avoiding the Habits That Break Down Your Loving Connection
By Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-7868-8420-7

Description: In the New York Times bestseller Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love, readers learn how to improve their relationships by following Richard and Kris Carlson's best personal advice:

  • Learn to Laugh at Yourself
  • Don't Come Home Frazzled
  • Don't Make Your Partner Walk on Eggshells
  • Be Sensitive When You Use Sarcasm
  • Don't Sweat the Occasional Criticism
  • Become a World-Class Listener

- And much more.

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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff With Your Family

coverBy Richard Carlson, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-7868-8337-5

Description: In his number one national bestseller, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Richard Carlson, Ph. D., showed readers how not to let the small things in life drive them crazy, In Don't Worry, Make Money, also a number one bestseller, he discussed ways to have a more abundant and joyful life, all the while refusing to let financial concerns overcome us.

Now, in Don't Sweat the Small Stuff with Your Family, we see how not to let small annoyances in our home lives get us down. From defusing kids who are whining or fighting, to working out issues with a spouse, to reducing the hassles over household chores, Richard Carlson shows us ways to make our relationships at home - the place where it counts most - more peaceful and loving.

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Intimate Allies

coverBy Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman
ISBN 0-8423-1802-X

Description: Allender and Longman, coauthors of Bold Love and Cry of the Soul, offer another life-changing book - this time about marriage. Combining their skills as counselor and theologian, they explore God's design for marriage. Through compelling slice-of-life marriage stories and biblical exploration, they show not only the real inner struggles of marriages today but also the stunning picture of what God calls us to be: intimate allies in confronting the chaos around us and inside us.

The Bible reveals to us the story of God's love for his people - the marriage story that is to shape our lives. It is the story that God intended to guide marriage, to reveal what went wrong with marriage, and to show us what we can do to restore intimacy, wholeness, and joy in our marriages.

This book cuts through our cultural expectations of marriage and pierces to the heart of marriage issues such as leadership, submission, conflict, disappointments, gender differences, roles, sexuality, and shared service. Study questions help couples, as well as groups, discuss the implications of the Bible's message.

The deep and thoughtful insights in this book will help you shape your marriage reflect the character and nature of God.

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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

coverBy John Gray, Ph.D.
ISBN 0-0601-6848-X

Description: Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences. Then they came to Earth and amnesia set in: They forgot they were from different planets.

Using this metaphor to illustrate the commonly occurring conflicts between men and women, Dr. John Gray explains how these differences can come between the sexes and prohibit mutually fulfilling loving relationships. Based on years of successful counseling of couples and individuals, he gives advice on how to counteract these differences in communication styles, emotional needs, and modes of behavior to promote a greater understanding between individual partners.

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Men, Women and Relationships

coverMaking Peace with the Opposite Sex
By John Gray, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-7868-8337-5

Description: Men, Women and Relationships teaches you how to get the love that you want. It is the ultimate guide to enriching relationships, offering new and innovative ways to create more love and support in your life. Dr. Gray's original approach teaches readers to open new avenues to greater acceptance and appreciation of the opposite sex - and to more fulfilling relationships.

Learn how to:

  • Give and receive emotional support
  • Heal and forgive past hurts and resentments
  • Increase your self-confidence when dealing with the opposite sex
  • Enjoy clear communication and loving relationships

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Male & Female Realities

coverUnderstanding The Opposite Sex
By Joe Tanenbaum

ISBN 0-9634-5221-5

Description: Joe Tanenbaum takes you on an amazing exploration of male and female approaches to communication, sex, emotions, decisions, priorities, commitment, learning, and much more.

This book will help you -

  • Better understand your spouse or lover
  • Confidently enter (or exit) a relationship
  • Enjoy being the minority sex at work or at home
  • Lead or manage people of the opposite sex
  • Work smoothly with members of your own sex
  • Develop a stronger bond with your son or daughter
  • Succeed as a teacher of one or both sexes
  • Add more compassion to your relationships

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You Just Don't Understand

coverWomen and Men in Conversation
By Richard Carlson, Ph.D.

ISBN 0-6880-7822-2

Description: Why do so many women feel that men don't tell them anything, that they just lecture and criticize? Why do so many men feel that women nag them and never get to the point? In You Just Don't Understand, sociolinguist Deborah Tannen offers revolutionary answers to these and other questions that confound women's and men's attempts to communicate with each other.

Using stunning evidence from her own studies, Deborah Tannen shows that men and women live in different worlds, even under the same roof - so conversation between them is like cross - cultural communication. From early childhood, girls play with a best friend or in a small group and use language to seek confirmation and reinforce intimacy, whereas boys use language to protect their independence and negotiate status in large-group activities. Carrying these styles into adulthood, women and men walk away with completely different impressions of the same conversations.

Written in entertaining prose and enlivened by vivid examples and anecdotes, You Just Don't Understand offers a totally new approach to a peace treaty in the battle between the sexes. At work or home, it is only by understanding each other's styles of conversation that we can accept differences without blaming each other or ourselves. You Just Don't Understand can help us find common language in which to achieve more professional cooperation and deeper bonds with those we love

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Family at Work:

coverBuilding Strong Relationships at Home
By James R. Kok

ISBN 1-5621-2398-X

Description: Packed with practical tips for twenty-somethings to grandparents, and everyone in between. This book will help you improve the closeness of your family, communicate with your spouse, learn how to share the workload, nurture your children from birth to adolescence, and keep a happy home. James R. Kok is the director of pastoral care here at the Crystal Catehdral in Garden Grove, CA.

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"Jim Kok provides practical Christian insights into family relationships from a lifetime of personal and pastoral experience. Family At Work serves as an excellent day-to-day living guide for Christians who are striving to get it right."

- Anthony J. Diekema, President Emeritus, Calvin College

Fit to be Tied:

coverMaking Marriage Last a Lifetime
By Lynne Hybels, Bill Hybels

ISBN 0-3105-3370-8

Description: Bill and Lynn Hybels draw on their own personal experience and a guiding faith to offer practical advice on how to enjoy a lifetime of togetherness - from finding a suitable mate and dealing with the most common marital problems to avoiding the pitfalls that can sabotage a healthy relationship.

This easy-to-follow guide for enjoying a happy, healthy, and lifelong relationship includes:

  • Creative ways to "court" your spouse
  • Checklists for singles to use in selecting a mate
  • Steps to resolve conflict and not drive it underground
  • Practical ways to determine relational fitness

Whether you are already married or planning to marry in the future, the author's sound, wholesome advice can show you how to make wise decisions about whom to marry and how to stay married for a lifetime.

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Mars and Venus on a Date:

coverA Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship
By Lynne Hybels, Bill Hybels

ISBN 0-0609-3221-X

Description: With compassion and understanding, Dr. Gray takes you through the five stages of dating -attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement while providing inspired ideas on finding your soul mate.

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The Case for Marriage:

coverWhy Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially
By Linda J. Waite, Maggie Gallagher

ISBN 0-7679-0632-2

Description: Gallagher and Waite present compelling new evidence that despite what most people have come to believe, getting married and staying married makes men, women, and children dramatically better off. Their impassioned, closely reasoned manifesto combines analysis, cultural criticism, and practical advice on strengthening the institution of marriage.

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Making Love Last Forever

coverBy Gary Smalley
ISBN 0-6131-3886-4

Description: Learn How to Make Love and Romance Last - Forever

Are you looking for a love guarantee? In this extraordinary book, marriage expert Gary Smalley shows you how to stay in love through all the stages of life. From first attraction to lifelong commitment, Gary's proven techniques and practical advice show you how to pursue and keep the love you want, and how to energize your relationship with enduing, passion-filled love. With memorable word pictures, Smalley reveal the secrets behind his "love guarantee."

  • Love's Best-Kept Secret
  • Love's Number One Enemy
  • Love's Cliff Notes for Men

Open this book and begin your journey to "forever love."

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"Gary Smalley gets right to the root of the problem and offers real and invaluable advice on how to change the quality of your life and your relationships. Frank and I are honored to call him our friend."

- Kathie Lee Gifford

"If you are looking for an encouragement transfusion, Gary Smalley can't be beat."

- Chuck Swindoll - Author and president of Dallas Theological Seminary


"A must-read manual for building a lasting relationship and making your love last forever."

- Connie Sellecca and John Tesh


"If you want a lasting love relationship, I highly recommend Gary Smalley's guide to forever love."

- John Gray - Author of the best-selling "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"