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Wisdom for Children

Wise Words

coverBy Peter Leithart
ISBN 1-880692-23-6

Description: Many parents struggle to find good, Biblical bedtime stories for their children. Peter Leithart was no exception. So he began to write his own. Before long, he had cataloged almost forty wonderfully inspiring bedtime stories based on the great reservoir of truth found in the Book of Proverbs.

Written in the tradition of Grimm's Fairy Tales, this beautifully illustrated collection includes eighteen of his best bedtime stories, each to be read in four to six minutes - the perfect length for sleepy five to twelve year olds.

WISE WORDS is a fascinating storybook that illustrates Biblical Proverbs and borrows imagery, plots, characters, settings, and themes directly from Scripture. It is sure to deepen every family's appreciation for the Book of Proverbs and will bring both pleasure and illumination to you and your children.

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