Celebrating Life

With Purpose, Passion & Power


C.V. DONER wants you to consider this book “your very own personal ‘life instruction’ manual.” Celebrating Life with Purpose, Passion and Power is a diverse sampling of the extensive inspirational content to be found at www.godonthenet.org, a website launched by Doner in 2000. The idea for God on the Net grew out of the author’s desire to share with his teenage son, C.J., “the lessons of life that I wish my father had been able to pass on to me.” Celebrating Life presents a rich array of Doner’s writings from the website, as well as contributions from another popular GON Writer, Dr. Monte Wilson III. From contemplative essays to practical how-to articles to shorter inspirational “nuggets” to longer themed series such as Wilson’s “The Quest,” there is plenty to inspire and support one’s journey. The intention is the same throughout the book: To draw on the wisdom of the ages, as Well as the latest insights of science and philosophy, to optimize your ability to live each day with purpose, passion and power . . . in other words, to celebrate your life!

C.V. Doner. PhD, is an author, speaker and creator of “God on the Net,” one of the Internet’s leading inspirational websites. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, and other major network news programs, as well as in hundreds of media articles and scores of books. For the last two decades he also has served as CEO of the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund, which has delivered more than $500 million in life-saving aid to children and families in 50 countries. He also heads The Samaritan Group, a coalition of ministries on four continents, who are committed to sharing resources to more effectively transform lives in their respective nations. He is an avid student, photographer, traveler and host who enjoys mentoring others to celebrate life with “purpose, passion and power.”

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