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The Key to Great Healthy Relationships
by Dr. Monte E. Wilson, III

"Encouraging words cause life and health,
griping brings discouragement."

Proverbs 15:4

This wonderful sound bite of wisdom is so simple, yet so profound. If you desire wonderful, empowering relationships; if you want even strangers to be attracted to you; if you value a healthy (stress free) life; make a practice out of encouraging others with wise, prudent and cheerful communication.

Are you experiencing discontent within your self, within your family, friends or co-workers? Then listen to yourself for a day. Take note of each time you gripe, nag, correct, raise your voice, or speak negative, self-defeating words to another--or even just mentally to yourself. Add it all up and note the correlation of the level of discontent you experience with others and yourself.

Is this what you really want?

by C.V. Doner

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