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Living Life Fully
by Greg Anderson

The essence of the Law of Present-Moment Living is this: if you're taking part in activities and entertaining thoughts that do not support life, that make you wallow in misery and indulge in negative thinking, then, no matter what you may claim to the contrary, you are polluting the moment.

If you are immersed in life-enhancing activities and enjoying them with positive enthusiasm, then you are living in the moment. This is a dimension of wellness we are never going to know unless and until we cultivate a consciousness of "living in the now."

We all carry a tendency to put life on hold pending the resolution of some problem. We say, "When my life is better, I'll be able to start focusing on positive things." This is a big mistake.

Start now!

The Law of Present-Moment Living is the antithesis of procrastination. We can put off unpleasant activities, but in doing so we also put off the enjoyable ones. We ration our pleasure and contentment as if the supply were limited.

Yet the truth - and it is a great truth - is this: the supply of misery, pain, and suffering is unlimited, but so is the supply of pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment. It is we who do the rationing.

Ration no more! Capture wellness this instant! This instant is all there is. Live it! It's the great non-negotiable Law of Present-Moment Living.

Condensed from: The 22 {Non-Negotiable} Laws of Wellness: feel, think, and live better then you ever thought possible - by Greg Anderson