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Celebrate Life

Secrets for Celebrating Life

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all together?

Some people appear to have the "golden touch" in finances; they enjoy wonderful relationships; their health is good; they appear more youthful than their years indicate. Their attitude is vibrant, even effervescent; they actually seem to celebrate life. They are energized, rather than depressed by challenges. These people have discovered how to apply God's universal principles for successful living- what we simply call life's secrets, or "Ground Rules."

The goal of God on the Net is to guide, encourage and educate you by placing in your hands secrets for celebrating life, as well as ground rules for successful living derived from God's universal laws, set into motion before creation. These are the same principles that have been practiced by "wise men" of virtually all religious traditions for thousands of years. Indeed, as Christian scholars John Peck and Charles Strohmer in their book, Uncommon Sense: God's Wisdom for Our Complex and Unchanging World,, comment: "[The Bible] sees wisdom as the very secret of the universe" (Proverbs 8:22-36) and as the source of the "rules on which it works." (48)

For more than three millennia, a select few have utilized these wisdom teachings to unlock the secret success formulas of life itself: for family and children, romance, friendships, health, wealth, conflict resolution, and more. To help you enjoy a purposeful, meaningful, productive, and contented life, God on the Net places this same "wisdom of the ages" at your fingertips (both in their original forms and with modern interpretation and application).

What kind of results should you expect from learning and applying these secrets?

  • Purpose vs. Aimlessness
  • Peace vs. Anxiety
  • Celebration vs. Depression
  • Passion vs. Numbness
  • Success vs. Failure
  • Abundance vs. Scarcity
  • Motivation vs. Lethargy
  • Life as Adventure vs. Life as Trial
  • Compassion vs. Loneliness
  • Empowering Relationships vs. Abusive Co-Dependent Relationships
  • Excitement vs. Boredom

With God on the Net, you can take advantage of life's secret success principles previously known to only a highly educated few: monarchs, scholars, rabbis, priests, philosophers, and various wise men (and women). You can now tap into what almost every guru, motivational speaker, self-help expert, or "life skill" coach has discovered: universal laws for success that God created to operate within the world, and if you let them, within yourself.

What will my life be like if I follow these universal laws?

When followed, these principles will lead you to a successful life-one of abundance and productivity, a life that is emotionally and relationally rich- in short, a life that becomes a celebration . Work becomes fun; family and friends are treasured, and your senses come alive to the natural beauty of God's creation. From a beautiful sunset to a glass of wine, from food to art, you enjoy an awareness of the unique person God created you to be, and you are able to appreciate the uniqueness of others rather than focusing on their faults.

When God's life principles are ignored, failure ensues. One leads an empty, anxious, aimless, passionless, unfulfilled, numb, boring existence. You see the victims of this way of life every day, the "walking dead." They drown themselves in distractions like work, alcoholism, drug and sex addictions (or perhaps just the All-American pastimes of sports and television addiction), until they are eventually delivered from their boredom by untimely deaths.

Contrasted so starkly, the choice of whether or not to follow God's universal laws seems obvious doesn't it? And therein lies the secret at the heart of all the other secrets: the life we experience depends on the choices we make. We can decide to be awake, conscious, grateful and hopeful, or we can be asleep, unconscious, always wanting, pessimistic about the future.

If you are reading this book, that's a strong indicator that you are choosing the former rather than the latter - you are opting to celebrate your life. Good choice! The information and insights shared in the pages to follow will support your decision, giving you practical tools for integrating God's universal laws into your day-to-day experience.