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Celebrate Life!

What Does It Mean to Celebrate Life?

Celebrating life is loving and being loved, moving in love, being motivated by love and sharing love in little ways with others (through sensitivity, discretion, courtesy, reciprocation, encouragement, wise counsel, listening empathetically, thoughtfulness and kindness).

Celebrating life is having friendships with people that you can be yourself (transparent) around, and where between yourself and others, there exists a mutual commitment to truth, love, honor, integrity and to each other's well being.

Celebrating life involves being able to truly enjoy one’s financial resources by having the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental abilities to use them wisely. It also means enjoying money without obsessing over the making or the losing of it, but rather being able to hold it freely and appreciate it and its functionality as a tool to enhance enjoyment and serve your life's true purpose.

Celebrating life is enjoying a respectful, purposeful and intimate relationship with your spouse, and working together as a team to care for the part of God’s creation you are responsible for or have interaction with, like family, employees, church, community, friends, etc.

Celebrating life means living your life purposefully, to ultimately leave a legacy of greater good for yourself and others.

Celebrating life involves laughing and enjoying beauty (that is created directly by God and by "God's instruments," human beings). It entails responsibly celebrating all of God's good creation, including food, drink, and sex. In celebrating life, we also value God's gift of intellect to enjoy art, literature and learning.

Celebrating life is contributing to those around you, making a difference in the lives of your friends, neighbors and family.

Celebrating life is giving your very best at work, contributing ideas, integrity and a positive attitude, giving extra consideration to your employees, a listening ear, and a kind and encouraging word to co-workers.

In summary, Celebrating life is living each day with purpose, passion and power!