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Everyone’s Rubbish Smells But Mine
By Monte Wilson

”Britney, Lindsay, and Paris: all three are idiots.” They have fame, wealth, and a large public stage from which to influence others for good: yet they keep throwing it all down the toilet.

We then ridicule, condemn, make fun and rebuke the idiots: understandably so. After all, none of us have ever behaved like an idiot, eh? Think about some of the screwball things you have done. Now, imagine doing the same thing...while being famous.

Finding the Gifts in Your "Worst Weakness"
By Kathleen Roberts

No one likes to admit to weaknesses, much less celebrate them. However, there is much wisdom to be found in letting go of our resistance and actually endorsing, not just accepting, our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

This One Thing
By Monte Wilson

In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal plays a middle aged businessman who is going through a mid-life crisis. To kick-start his life, he decides to take two of his friends on a cattle drive, where they rediscover purpose and passion for life.

Do Your Best, Forget The Rest

Many high achievers tend to be perfectionists. Diligent to the extreme. There are good things to be said of this approach. Wisdom literature, particularly that found in the Hebrew and Christian text of Proverbs, teaches us to be diligent (hard working, paying attention to detail, working with excellence) in whatever we approach.

by Monte Wilson

CYNIC: One who not only reads bitter lessons from the past, but who is prematurely disappointed with the future.

A cynic is a man who looks at the world with a monocle in his mind's eye.
Carolyn Wells, author

A cynic is someone whose rose color glasses have been ripped from their face, and then had a half-full glass of vinegar thrown in their eyes. Cynics have no illusions from which to be disabused: they know the world is a dangerous place and that the individual who is not out to get you is probably naïve, which makes them just as dangerous.

Success Is Personal
by CV Doner, PhD

Do you consider yourself a successful person? Unfortunately, many people who are actually quite successful in areas that count (that even they themselves consider important) don't "see" themselves as "successful." That happens whenever we allow others or our spiritually shallow materialistic culture define what it means to be successful.

If You Want a Good Marriage
Dr. Monte Wilson

If you want to be a good spouse
You must first be a good friend
If you want to be a good friend,
You must first be a good son or daughter

Simple wisdom: and, as with all things simple, quite profound.

Healthy relationships are built on foundations of healthy relationships.

The Value of Clear Intention
by Lynda Terry

Having a clear intention is essential to fulfilling our purpose and achieving our goals. By determining our intention before embarking on a course of action, we:

1. Refine our focus and strengthen our commitment,
2. Draw greater creative power to the process,
3. Create a “true north” to which we can turn again and again, to insure that we are staying on track.

Esprit: The Key to Health
by Greg Anderson

The single overriding objective in wellness is creating constant personal renewal where we recognize and act on the truth that each day is a miraculous gift and our job is to untie the ribbons.

That's the Law of Esprit: living life with joy.

Joy - the emotion evoked by well-being. Delight. Bliss. Genuine happiness. True wellness is the ability to generate a joyful stance toward life on a daily basis.

When Sorrow is Better Than Laughter
Dr. Monte Wilson

One of the many things that intrigue me about Tolkien’s, The Lord of the Rings, was how he frequently juxtaposed the joy of the elves with a degree of sadness. For example, “The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young, though in it was written the memory of many things both glad and sorrowful.” However joy-filled the elves were by nature, there was always a degree of sadness: sadness over what Middle Earth had lost since its creation, as well as for the fact that they were as yet to reach the grey havens. They were defined by joy, not by sadness…nevertheless, there were things and memories that elicited sorrow.

Clouds and Clocks

"Of Clouds and Clocks" was the title of one of Sir Karl Popper's most famous lectures. It was given in honor of Arthur Holly Compton, one of the first physicists to embrace Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and other concepts relating to physical indeterminism. Clouds symbolize physical systems that are highly erratic and unpredictable. At the other extreme are physical systems that are uniform, orderly, and highly predictable, that is, clocks.

Standing in Awe
by Dr. Monte Wilson

What do these scenarios all have in common?

  • A minister describes God as The Big Guy
  • An elderly person enters the room, and not one young man or woman stands up in respect
  • A young woman speaks to an older woman as if she (the younger woman) were at least her equal, if not her superior
  • A Junior High School Student slumping down in chair, hat pulled down over his eyes, answering his teacher’s query with a, “Yup.”

The Necessity of Making a Good First Impression
by C.V. Doner, PhD

We all want people to like us, whether it's a job interviewer, a potential client or customer, fellow classmates, club or church members or just a new acquaintance. Not only does their approval make us feel better about ourselves, the fact is, we may actually need their approval. They may well be the key to our financial, educational or relational success.

Halfway to Heaven
By Dr. Monte Wilson

When the days in front of you are fewer than the days before you, when the time you have left on earth is shorter than the time you have already been here, your perspective begins to shift.

Learn To Splurge … Occasionally

The question becomes how to be "naughty" without endangering our soul or society or the planet. I haven't got it all figured out yet, but that doesn't stop me from every now and then infusing my soul with a "naughty night." I go out with friends or with my wife and we're ostensibly, avowedly naughty. We pig out on barbecue or prime rib. We buy a bottle of wine. We spend too much money on a meal. We talk too much. We laugh too loud. We eat the dessert with the "devil" name prefixed to it.

When the "naughty night" is over, it's back on the wagon.

Working On Weaknesses or Undermining Your Strengths?
By Dr. Monte Wilson

I see it all the time. People go to war against what they perceive as weaknesses in their personality, only to discover that they have shot and mortally wounded their strengths. Rather than merely tempering their weaknesses or guarding against some of the more potentially dangerous consequences of these weaknesses, they wish to root out the buggers tooth and nail. They then wake up surprised that they have lost their edge.

What Women Deserve
Christianity and Women
By Dr. Monte Wilson

One of the world’s most respected sociologists of religion, Rodney Stark (not a Christian), had this to say about Christian women in the first century.

"Christian women had tremendous advantages compared to the woman next door, who was like them in every way except that she was a pagan.

Keys to Healthy Relationships
by Monte E. Wilson, PhD

The Apostle Paul offers us some very good advice as to how to maintain healthy relationships in his letter to the Christians in Rome (Chapter 12) *

What Women Deserve – Part 1
By Dr. Monte Wilson

Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, is one of my all time favorite stories. It is about an orphan’s metamorphosis into a lady of conviction and strength. Bronte’s ability to delve so deeply into the soul’s of her characters, giving her readers such a brilliant study of human nature, makes this book a masterpiece.

Stay in the Moment
by CV Doner, PhD

Despite our best intentions, many of us spend most of our lives stressed out. Consequently, we grow increasingly frustrated, irritable and finally exhausted.

Stress comes in many forms. Right now I'm going to address self-imposed stress rather than external stress created by factors outside our control.

12 Steps to Finding Your Joy!
by -John Lipinski

1. Begin to tell the truth to yourself about what heals you and what hurts you.

2. Take active steps to build self-nurturing activities into your schedule.

Are You One in a Thousand?
by C.V. Doner, PhD

One of the world’s best known pioneers of the human mind – psychologist Abraham Maslow – estimated that of every thousand souls, only one would reach the optimal goal of self-actualization (or self-realization.)

Nine not-so-simple steps to finding your “soul-mate”

After personally watching a number of supposed “soul-mates” crash and burn, I'm a little hesitant even to use the term. Perhaps we should redefine the essence of our quest as “finding a lifetime partner” or a “life-mate.”

Of one thing there's no doubt: the God given “urge-to-merge,” i.e., finding a life-mate, seems to spring from the very core of our identities as human beings.


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